Regular Contributions

I'm a regular contributor to LGBTQ Nation, writing 2 articles per day. Only a portion of those articles are listed on this site. The full archive can be found here.

I'm also a regular contributor to LGBTQ Nation's sister site, INTOMore, contributing about one article per day. Only a portion of these articles will be listed here - the full archive can be found here.

General Writing

Listed below are samples of my writing, going back several years. Every outlet I've been published in is listed here at least once. This list will be periodically updated whenever a major new article of mine comes out.

The first images from Heartstopper Season 3 are finally here
INTOMore - 7/8/24

Jury rules that killer of Blaze Bernstein guilty of murder and a hate crime
LGBTQ Nation - 7/8/24

Yale Researchers, International Experts Release New Paper Rebuking Cass Review
Erin In The Morning - 7/3/24

Biden administration opposes gender-affirming surgery for trans youth
LGBTQ Nation - 7/3/24

Trump judge blocks Biden’s Title IX protections for LGBTQ+ students in four more states
LGBTQ Nation - 7/3/24

Retention strategies from bundling to audiobooks are working at news companies
International News Media Association - 7/2/24

Strategic onboarding strategies engage news readers, reduce churn
International News Media Association - 7/1/24

2024 had more anti-trans bills in legislation than any year before. But fewer passed into law.
LGBTQ Nation - 6/30/24

Collecting reader data is a given these days, but what are news companies doing with it?
International News Media Association - 6/30/24

New York Times publishes story based on edited emails put together by anti-trans activist
LGBTQ Nation - 6/28/24

Before the Trans Agenda the Myth of the Gay Agenda Promoted Hate and Fear
Assigned Media - 6/27/24

Montana Judge Overturns Law Erasing Transgender Legal Recognition
LGBTQ Nation - 6/26/24

FL: ACLU Challenges Restrictions on Gender Affirming Care
Assigned Media - 6/25/24

Supreme Court will hear gender-affirming care ban case. It could change everything for trans rights.
LGBTQ Nation - 6/24/24

Transmasculine reproductive healthcare is rarely talked about. Let’s change that.
LGBTQ Nation - 6/24/24

Trans Youth Suicides Covered Up By NHS, Cass After Restrictions, Say Whistleblowers
Erin in the Morning - 6/22/24

Unknown “chemical agent” released at Baltimore Pride causes panic & injuries
LGBTQ Nation - 6/17/24

Expert Weighs in On How Climate Change Will Affect Ohio’s Wildlife
University of Texas at Austin Center for Media Engagement - 6/15/24

Christian hate group calls Pulse shooting the “Great Redemption” as it pushes conversion therapy
LGBTQ Nation - 6/14/24

ACLU sues small town after it rescinded a Pride festival’s approval
LGBTQ Nation - 6/13/24

Indie Side — Queer Love in Dystopia
Medium, Indie Side - 6/13/24

This new dating app will use facial recognition technology to exclude trans women
LGBTQ Nation - 6/8/24

Out former Rep. Mondaire Jones loses progressive support due to his stance on Israel & Gaza
LGBTQ Nation - 6/7/24

Anti-trans organizations Genspect & SEGM are now listed as hate groups by the SPLC
LGBTQ Nation - 6/6/24

Trans man gets justice in workplace discrimination case after fighting for a decade
LGBTQ Nation - 6/4/24

GOP lawmaker is outraged at small town’s mural for hidden”demonic” messages
LGBTQ Nation - 5/4/24

Utah now has a “snitch form” for reporting trans people using the bathroom
LGBTQ Nation - 5/3/24

Anti-LGBTQ+ Kenyans can no longer encourage others to kill queer people
LGBTQ Nation - 4/30/24

Gay man who was called slurs at work settles lawsuit for $60,000
LGBTQ Nation - 4/30/24

Indie Side — Robots, Murder, and Emos
Medium, Indie Side - 4/29/24

Trans people win in major decision on health care access that could go to Supreme Court
LGBTQ Nation - 4/29/24

Tennessee passes first-of-its-kind law attacking trans kids
LGBTQ Nation - 4/26/24

A right-wing extremist called a “Drag Race” star a “pedo.” Now he’s paying the price
LGBTQ Nation - 4/25/24

This trans teen delivered a powerful speech in the state senate & helped defeat an anti-trans bill

LGBTQ Nation - 4/24/24

Study Finds Employers Discriminate Against They/Them Pronouns

Assigned Media 4/24/24

Adm. Rachel Levine is optimistic about the future of trans Americans. I’m not convinced.

LGBTQ Nation - 4/12/24

News publishers maximise ad monetisation with mobile strategies

International News Media Association - 4/3/24

NTM, Texas Tribune, Holland Media tout mobile Web success

International News Media Association - 4/2/24

The fierce team of trans women working to fight every anti-LGBTQ+ bill in the nation

LGBTQ Nation - 3/31/24

A lot of people are leaving their religions. Anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is a driving force.

LGBTQ Nation - 3/31/24

Black LGBTQ+ youth face rejection from multiple sources. They need safe spaces.

LGBTQ Nation - 3/30/24

Wyoming bans on gender-affirming care as Georgia GOP pushes anti-trans omnibus

LGBTQ Nation - 3/29/24

Trans inmates win “lifesaving” lawsuit demanding improved health care & safer housing

LGBTQ Nation - 3/28/24

The New York Times didn’t quote trans people in articles about trans issues 60% of the time

LGBTQ Nation - 3/27/24

Ex-Levi’s president launches anti-trans sports clothing brand XX-XY Athletics 

LGBTQ Nation - 3/26/24

Georgia GOP hijacks mental health bill to make it anti-trans while Ohioans testify against new rules

LGBTQ Nation - 3/22/24

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donates over $30 million to LGBTQ+ non-profits

LGBTQ Nation - 3/21/24

England Removes Access to Puberty Blockers for Trans Youth

Assigned Media - 3/21/24

Gay Trumper almost got hired by the GOP, but it got called off. What happened?

LGBTQ Nation - 3/20/24

Department of Justice rules Utah prison discriminated against a trans inmate

LGBTQ Nation - 3/15/24

JK Rowling denies transgender persecution during the Holocaust

LGBTQ Nation - 3/14/24

Kansas judge rules trans people do not have the right to update their gender on driver’s licenses

LGBTQ Nation - 3/13/24

Right-wing officials gang up to lob vicious attacks on a single transgender Space Camp employee

LGBTQ Nation - 3/12/24

Calls to LGBTQ+ youth crisis line skyrocket after death of Nex Benedict

LGBTQ Nation - 3/11/24

New study reveals 10% of Americans have history of bisexual behavior

LGBTQ Nation - 3/10/24

Nassau County exec sues New York AG Letitia James for the right to ban trans girls from sports

LGBTQ Nation - 3/8/24

JK Rowling reported to police for throwing transphobic insults at talk show host

LGBTQ Nation - 3/7/24

Trans lives are at risk. Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen says this is how to protect them.

LGBTQ Nation - 2/29/24

Moms 4 Liberty Chair Who Faked Gender Dysphoria Expresses Shock At Gender Dysphoria Dx

Assigned Media - 2/27/24

Into The World of Microgames — Indie Side

Medium, Indie Side - 2/18/24

Matt Walsh’s 2014 Iran Study Says Most Trans People Have Personality Disorders. Do We?

Assigned Media - 2/5/24

Indie Side — Making A Genre-Twisting Visual Novel

Medium, Inside Side - 1/22/24

New regulations could force trans Ohioans like me to detransition. I’m terrified. 

LGBTQ Nation - 1/11/24

Researchers Ask Why Regret is So Rare for Trans Patients, What Can Be Learned

Assigned Media - 1/10/24

Right Wing Media FREAKS OUT Over Trans Women Hypothetically Being Allowed to Box

Assigned Media - 1/2/24

An Interview With The Developer of Madotsuki’s Closet

Medium, Indie Side - 12/9/23

The New Lisa Littman Study on ROGD and Detransition is a Total Mess

Assigned Media - 12/7/23

An Interview With The Developer of Rose Seed Replica

Medium, Indie Side - 11/28/23

Queer Liberation Library

Queer Joy Collective - 11/9/23

Ohio’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is the handiwork of larger national hate groups. Here’s how we know.

The Buckeye Flame - 10/31/23

Indie Side — An Interview with the Developer of LesbiAnts (18+)

Medium, Indie Side - 10/26/23

Finding Identity Through Music: An Interview with the Narcissist Cookbook

Queer Joy Collective - 10/25/23

Is America’s far-right meddling in Singapore’s trans rights movement? Terrified activists say yes.

LGBTQ Nation - 10/12/23

How Queerness Can Thrive in the Dark - A Short Analysis of Glass Beach

Queer Joy Collective - 9/26/23

AI is Advancing Rapidly – The Outer Worlds Tells Us Why That’s Bad

Unwinnable - 9/21/23

An Inside Look at the Queer Games Bundle

Queer Joy Collective - 9/15/23

Sinclair Broadcast Group Gives a Platform to Ideas that Harm Trans People and Other Marginalized Groups

Cincinnati Citybeat - 09/12/23

This RPG forces you to confront capitalism in the hardest way possible

Game Developer - 08/31/23

Mason Company Webhelp Americas to Lay Off Up to Half of Workforce

Cincinnati Citybeat - 08/22/23

State Rep. Gary Click is leading the charge against trans rights in Ohio & we all need to fight back     

LGBTQ Nation - 08/18/23

Issue 1 May Damage Trans Rights - And No One Is Talking About It
Cincinnati CityBeat - 08/07/23

Transitioning Saved My (Sex) Life: On Gender, Pleasure, and Exploration (18+)
Cashmere Magazine - 06/30/23

Video depicts Ohio Republican lawmaker shoving LGBTQ+ rights protester; other Republicans say it…doesn’t
The Buckeye Flame - 06/21/23

My McUnion
Strange Matters - 06/12/23

I Am Considering a Move to Michigan Because Being a Trans Person in Ohio Is Scary
PrideSource - 06/6/23

How Pokemon Legends: Arceus Could Change Competitive Play

Wealth of Geeks (via MSN) - 11/27/22

Pokemon Go's Adventure Incense is Game-Changing
Wealth of Geeks (via MSN) - 11/26/22

Who Are Your Headmates - Recognizing Your Plurality

The Plural Association - 10/03/22

Welcome To Plurality - Have A Look Around

The Plural Association - 09/16/22

Did Gregor Mendel Fabricate His Gene Data?

Discover Magazine - 09/12/22

How To Prep
Strange Matters - 8/29/22

Another Night In The Woods

KRITIQAL - 08/09/22

Understanding The Flaws Behind The IQ Test

Discover Magazine - 06/03/22

Webex Is Committing Mass Privacy Violations

Medium - 05/03/22

I'm A Trans Woman Who Escaped From Trauma. Here's My Story.
Autostraddle - 04/28/22

The Transphobic Texan Moral Panic
Medium - 04/03/22

Terfs Are Working With The Right To Influence the United Nations
Medium - 07/25/21

A Problematic Meta-Analysis: A Critique of Greengross et al, 2020
Medium - 10/05/20

The Keystone Landfill Is Terrifying
Anthracite Unite - 01/30/20

A Quest For Validation
Anthracite Unite - 10/23/18