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Matt Walsh’s 2014 Iran Study Says Most Trans People Have Personality Disorders. Do We?

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Indie Side — Making A Genre-Twisting Visual Novel

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New regulations could force trans Ohioans like me to detransition. I’m terrified. 

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Researchers Ask Why Regret is So Rare for Trans Patients, What Can Be Learned

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Right Wing Media FREAKS OUT Over Trans Women Hypothetically Being Allowed to Box

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An Interview With The Developer of Madotsuki’s Closet

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The New Lisa Littman Study on ROGD and Detransition is a Total Mess

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An Interview With The Developer of Rose Seed Replica

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Queer Liberation Library

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Ohio’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is the handiwork of larger national hate groups. Here’s how we know.

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Indie Side — An Interview with the Developer of LesbiAnts (18+)

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Finding Identity Through Music: An Interview with the Narcissist Cookbook

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Is America’s far-right meddling in Singapore’s trans rights movement? Terrified activists say yes.

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How Queerness Can Thrive in the Dark - A Short Analysis of Glass Beach

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AI is Advancing Rapidly – The Outer Worlds Tells Us Why That’s Bad

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An Inside Look at the Queer Games Bundle

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Gives a Platform to Ideas that Harm Trans People and Other Marginalized Groups

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This RPG forces you to confront capitalism in the hardest way possible

Game Developer - 08/31/23

Mason Company Webhelp Americas to Lay Off Up to Half of Workforce

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State Rep. Gary Click is leading the charge against trans rights in Ohio & we all need to fight back     

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Issue 1 May Damage Trans Rights - And No One Is Talking About It
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Transitioning Saved My (Sex) Life: On Gender, Pleasure, and Exploration (18+)
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Video depicts Ohio Republican lawmaker shoving LGBTQ+ rights protester; other Republicans say it…doesn’t
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My McUnion
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I Am Considering a Move to Michigan Because Being a Trans Person in Ohio Is Scary
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How Pokemon Legends: Arceus Could Change Competitive Play

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Pokemon Go's Adventure Incense is Game-Changing
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Who Are Your Headmates - Recognizing Your Plurality

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Welcome To Plurality - Have A Look Around

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Did Gregor Mendel Fabricate His Gene Data?

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How To Prep
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Another Night In The Woods

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Understanding The Flaws Behind The IQ Test

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Webex Is Committing Mass Privacy Violations

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I'm A Trans Woman Who Escaped From Trauma. Here's My Story.
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The Transphobic Texan Moral Panic
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Terfs Are Working With The Right To Influence the United Nations
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A Problematic Meta-Analysis: A Critique of Greengross et al, 2020
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The Keystone Landfill Is Terrifying
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A Quest For Validation
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