Trans Data Library

Starting in June of 2023, I've had the pleasure of working with Evan Urquhart of Assigned Media as a journalist for the Trans Data Library, a project dedicated to providing journalists, lawmakers, and activists an intensive documentation of transphobia in an Encyclopaedia-style format. I've produced dozens of articles for TDL, and each has allowed me to grow as a journalist and develop new skills. If you're interested in supporting the Trans Data Library, you can view its fundraising page here and the website itself here.

2024 LGBTQ+ Legislation Tracking

As of December 2023, I began work with a team of journalists, legal analysts, researchers, and engineers on Erin Reed's 2024 LGBTQ+ legislation tracker. This consists of monitoring and researching new bills across the country that are affecting LGBTQ+ folk across the United States. If you're interested in following along for new developments, more information can be found here and here.

Queer Joy Collective Internship

From September to December of 2023, I took part in an internship with the Queer Joy Collective as a staff writer. The Queer Joy Collective is an organization dedicated to promoting queer joy in the realm of art, media, and the workforce. I've had the opportunity to meet some amazingly kind and talented people in my time, and I had a great time working with the folk behind it all!

Indie Side

I currently host a series over on my blog called Indie Side, where I'm interviewing and giving a platform to various independent game developers, especially those that are queer (with an additional attempt to focus on POC & disabled folk). It started from an article I wrote for Game Developer here and is now updated about once a month. Check it out if this is up your alley!

Coding Projects

I've been trying to teach myself coding for some time now, and I've only recently begun to take it a little more seriously. I learn best by doing projects, and I like to share those projects with the world.  One of my most recent projects is the website School Got Wrong, which aims to tell you facts your high school (probably) misinformed you about.